Vega Testnet (Fairground) release 0.45.0 coming soon

Heads up Vega community followers…

A new update to the Fairground testnet is coming! The team is preparing the way for version 0.45.0 to be released and with that comes a huge update to the Vega Wallet software. The latest version (0.9) adds support for multiple networks and much much more - paving the way for a mainnet release of Vega.

This release means that all existing wallets must be upgraded to a minimum version of 0.9 - anyone attempting to interact with testnet on an older wallet once 0.45.0 is live will not be able to submit transactions. Anyone using an existing wallet username/password provided by the hosted-wallet bot, or from will not be valid. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this as the upgrades to the internal key mechanics and addresses are quite extensive.

TLDR: You must upgrade your Vega Wallet software to 0.9 to interact with the Fairground testnet and full instructions will be provided when the network is upgraded.

We will keep you updated with an ETA for the Fairground network reset and upgrade, but in the meantime why not check out the Vega Youtube channel.

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