Vega Testnet (Fairground) release 0.40.0 is now live

Release notes and commentary by @cdm

This release resolves several issues discovered on Fairground during live testing of the last release, significant rewrite of the pegged / liquidity order control flow to prevent the crashes observed during dodgems incentives.

Another major improvement included in this release is the switch from uint64 to uint256 for all balances, amount, prices in the core Vega engines.


#3718 - Run unparam over the codebase
#3705 - Return theoretical target stake when in auction
#3703 - Remove inefficient metrics calls
#3693 - Calculation without Decimal in the liquidity target package
#3696 - Remove some uint <-> Decimal conversion
#3689 - Do not rely on proto conversion for GetAsset
#3676 - Ad the tm subcommand
#3569 - Migrate from uint64 to uint256 for all balances, amount, prices in the core
#3594 - Improve probability of trading calculations
#3752 - Update oracle engine to send events at the end of the block
#3745 - Add loss socialization for final settlement
#3642 - Refactor integration tests
#3637 - Rewrite pegged / liquidity order control flow
#3635 - Unified error system and strict parsing in feature tests
#3632 - Add documentation on market instantiation in feature tests
#3599 - Return better errors when replay protection happen
#3625 - update the quant library to version 0.2.5


#3722 - Added sign to settle return values to allow to determine correctly win/loss
#3720 - Tidy up max open interest calculations
#3704 - Fix settlement with network orders
#3686 - Fixes in the positions engine following migration to uint256
#3684 - Fix the position engine hash state following migration to uint256
#3467 - Ensure LP orders are not submitted during auction
#3736 - Correcting event types and adding panics
#3640 - Fix send on closed channel using timer (event bus)
#3638 - Fix decimal instantiation in bond slashing
#3621 - Remove pegged order from pegged list if order is aggressive and trade
#3612 - Clean code in the wallet package

Where to next?

Check out for more information, visit to dive straight into the Console, download the go-wallet or reach out to us on Discord if you need some hosted wallet details.

Thank you, please comment below if you’d like to give any feedback on the release.
Note: You can raise bugs for the software in the Vega Nolt