Vega Testnet (Fairground) release 0.38.3 is now live

Release notes and commentary by @cdm

This release resolves several issues discovered on Fairground during live testing of the last release, it enables replay protection on the nodes alongside critical fixes for LP at price bounds/liquidity auctions from extending infinitely.


#3546 - Add Auction Extension trigger field to market data
#3538 - Testing: Add block time handling & block time variance
#3596 - Enable replay protection
#3497 - Implement new transaction format
#3461 - Implement new commands validation


#3528 - Stop liquidity auctions from extending infinitely
#3567 - Fix handling of Liquidity Commitments at price bounds
#3568 - Fix potential nil pointer when fetching proposals
#3554 - Fix package import for domain types
#3549 - Remove Oracle prefix from files in the Oracle package
#3541 - Ensure all votes have weight initialised to 0
#3539 - Address flaky tests
#3540 - Rename auction state methods
#3533 - Refactor auction end logic to its own file
#3532 - Fix Average Entry valuation during opening auctions
#3523 - Improve nil pointer checks on proposal submissions
#3591 - Avoid slice out of access bond in trades store~

Where to next?

Check out for more information, visit to dive straight into the Console, download the go-wallet or reach out to us on Discord if you need some hosted wallet details.

Thank you, please comment below if you’d like to give any feedback on the release.
Note: You can raise bugs for the software in the Vega Nolt

Vega Testnet (Fairground) release 0.38.3 is now live

The testnet received several patches this morning to fix issues found during the last week. Testnet has been reset, any trading collateral, orders and positions will need to be re-created.

#3640 - Fix panic sending on closed channel using timer instead of ctx timeout
#3625 - update the quant library to version 0.2.5
#3623 - Ensure LP aggressive orders are removed from the pegged list

Come on, we will succeed step by step.

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Awesome …
Team is doing awesome work of fixing bugs helped by community participants on fairground testnet by putting more stress on the system !!!

Go Vega Go !!!

yep for sure it will succeed !!! Cheers !!!

Thank you @Rohitguptamca the Vega software gets stronger with help from the community :heart: