🧰 Vega Builders Club 09/07 [Rescheduled]

What: The next session of ‘Vega Builders Club’, the place for developers to meet and discuss building on Vega, have questions answered, and more!

Led by Vega Developer Advocate, @cdm, we’re looking to have this be the centre point for where we engage with and expand the wider Developer Community.

Where: Vega Discord on the #Vega-Stage channel

When: Every 2 weeks, Usually on Mondays, 7pm BST! (This week has been moved to Friday)


Vega Discord

Calendar Invite

Here’s the poll for what topic you’d like to see @cdm highlight and discuss as part of this meet up: Fast Poll - Vote on What topics do we want to cover in the next Vega Builders Club (5 July 2021)? Calendar entry/register interest here: https://www.addevent.com/event/zb7239259

Poll closes/votes counted on Friday 2nd July 2021

Its simple, free and easy to vote on this and hope you choose to join us on Discord/Vega Stage for the next instalment of VBC

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Thanks to everyone who voted on the poll for tonights Builders Club meet up :partying_face:

Tonights topic that I will lead with will be "How to use GraphQL with VEGA"

We will take questions and answers on this topic, as well as open the chat to general questions from the audience

See you there :crossed_fingers:t2: :toolbox:

We’ve rescheduled this Builders Club meet up to Friday 9th July 2021, we had some tech issues last night, but dont worry, the same great session will run again this week :partying_face: