Ubik Capital Validator Profile

Ubik Capital Validator Profile

Team / Company

Ubik Capital is a team of people who are passionate about blockchain and decentralized networks. We believe these networks will continue to grow and provide financial freedom worldwide, and are excited to be a part of this growth. Our team has several years of experience in software development, program management, and system operations.


Our current node operations include the following projects: Cosmos Network, Oasis Protocol, Regen Network, ICON Network, Band Protocol, Harmony, Microtick, e-Money, AKASH, Sentinel, Injective Protocol, e-Money, KAVA, Bitsong, Crypto.com, Solana, Avalanche.

Security / Reliability / Performance

We are fully committed to ensuring our node is provisioned with sufficient resources, properly hardened to resist cyber-attacks, and redundancy through a backup node to minimize downtime. We will run two online servers in geographically separated physical locations for switch-over purposes and redundancy to mitigate security risks in case of downtime.
We will use 2 x Servers (One in Europe and another in the United States). Main node will be in Europe with instance type : 16 Core Simultaneous Multithreading Virtualization (AMD-V); 64 GB DDR4 ECC; Disk: 2x500G NVMe SSD; Network: 1 Gbps. Our backup node will mirror our main node, and be setup in the United States.


Website: https://ubik.capital/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ubikcapital
E-mail: contact@ubik.capital
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @ubikcapital
Medium: https://ubikcapital.medium.com/
Ghithub: UbikCapital (Ubik Capital) ยท GitHub
YouTube: ubikcapital - YouTube


The governance is one of the main keys of the network and we will be very happy to take part in governance process.