Transfers between wallets

Hi, I was just wondering if it will be possible to transfer assets between wallets on the Vega chain. If not a send transaction, could you place an order that only trades with a whitelisted set of accounts? Or place matching orders in the middle of the spread of a relatively low-liquidity market. Wondering about this in regards to the privacy aspect of burning and spinning up new wallet, but avoiding the cost of using the ETH bridge. Of course, it would be trackable on the Vega chain, so not as private as you’d think.

There will be transfers, but we haven’t built them yet. Primary open question is how to charge for them or protect the network from spam transfer txs, but it’s very much a solvable problem, we’re just focused on core trading first. For now you gotta use the Eth bridge, which is slow and expensive, so this will be something we look at fairly soon.


Thanks Barney

Yeah how to charge could get complicated, but just charging the infrastructure fee seems to make sense to me. I guess it also depends how you want to direct OTC traffic on the network. Maybe infrastructure plus an “OTC” fee.