Tips for common testnet questions

Hey all! I’ve put together some tips for the most common questions we get about Vega Console and how to use the testnet. Have I missed something? Let us know below. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some of the things highlighted below will change as release more updates to Vega Console and Vega’s core software, but I hope this helps in the meantime!



  • Read a deposit walkthrough in the Vega documentation or watch a tutorial video.
  • Make sure you use the Ropsten testnet network in your web wallet for testnet Ethereum to pay gas.
  • Sometimes deposits using the Ropsten network can be slow. You can track it using the Etherscan link that appears during the deposit process.
  • Check the markets to see which asset you need to trade. Look at the Futures view, under the Asset column. That shows the asset you’ll need to take part in that market.

:chart_with_upwards_trend:START TRADING

:no_entry_sign:REJECTED TRADES


  • To vote on a market proposal, you’ll need to hold tVOTE. You can get it by following the deposit process.

  • You’ll only receive 0.00001 tVOTE but that’s all you need to vote. You can use it every time you vote, even on multiple proposals because your tVOTE isn’t spent.

  • On Vega Console, search for the Proposals view to see what can be voted on.

  • You can also view proposals and vote using APIs. Read the API guide on proposals and voting.


:test_tube:WHAT SHOULD I TEST?

  • Get familiar with how to trade and provide liquidity on Vega. This will help you be ready for when we offer incentives. It does not matter which wallet type you have.
  • Follow along with the API how-tos and Vega Console tutorials in the Vega documentation.
  • Try the walkthroughs on our Vega tutorials YouTube playlist.
  • If you find any bugs or have feedback, share it on Nolt. If you can, include a screenshot and specific details.

Great concise guide. I have been testing for a while and i will go through this list to check if i have missed something

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something strange started to happen. Every time i log in into the console, all deposits and positions are gone and i have to start all over again

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Hey @Zoume_0x - unfortunately the testnet has crashed and been reset a few times in the last 24 hours, because of a bug. There’s a fix for the bug being released very soon, so I would wait a few hours before depositing again… it should be more stable.

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