The Vega Web Wallet. Three takeaways

Users of Vega are quite familiar with the local wallet or hosted Vega wallets cause these were the firsts introduced to and used by the Vega community. One would agree, that these wallets (the local wallet especially) are of a technical nature. The local wallet requires that users write/run lines of codes to get the wallet set and running. If you’re not “code-savvy” you’ll get stuck over and over again.

Thankfully, the Vega team, being sensitive to the needs and experience of its users introduced the web wallet.

With the web wallet, users can;

  1. Set up wallets easily

  2. Interactive with keys hitch-free

  3. Connect to the Vega console with just a click of a button.

With the web wallet, you need not be a command line ninja to experience all the goodies Vega has got to offer.


Feedback on the Vega Desktop wallet.

With Vega desktop wallet, users can easily access VEGA’s wallet like a regular unattended wallet with outstanding features:

  1. No need to run complicated command lines on CMD to access like using VEGA local wallet.
  2. VEGA Desktop wallet automatically recognizes and stores the wallet’s seed phrase on your computer, you just need to select VEGA wallet to connect and log in with the wallet’s password
  3. Switch between mainnet and fairground is easy with just one select on Vega desktop wallet without have to run commands on CMD
  1. wallets creation is very easy and straight forward. It is very very smooth. Even recognizing already local wallet was instant.

  2. I miss the possibility to delete an existing wallet from the list. Also i can not delete a generated key pair if i make one.

  3. I miss the possibility to export keys in case i accidentally lost them. Or export a json file

  4. The wallet does a great job in providing all what needed to integrate with the web interface. I fact it is so well done and seamlessly provide us with interface to chose what to connect to and know precisely what is happening ad-hoc

After the instruction the set up of Vega wallet was easy. It was also easy to find the right version (desktop and windows).

  1. The creation of the wallet was easy
  2. The set up of a private key was successfull and also easy
  3. switching between fairground and mainnet is also easy

just two points which are a little bit confusing to me:

a. it seems that DApp: None running is switched on and Wallet Service fairground on is switched off. What does that mean?
b. if you connect to the Vega console, there is a wallet location: localhost:1789/api/v1
it’s not clear if you have to change it or not when you connect first time. But after first connection all works fine. Maybe there should be an explanation on this point like: localhost:1789/api/v1 “default setting” or something like this.