The Vega Font Competition [19-27th October] 🎨

Hello all,

In a bid to allow anyone to use the Vega font without the associated rights needed, we’ve created the Vega font and made it open source for all to get creative. Previously , Vega used Neue Pixel Grotesque alongside Helvetica Neue to form the archaic yet oddly futuristic style that gives Vega its unique identity. The spirit of the Vega project is around openness, transparency and fairness and so we figured why not extend that to the font.

The Font

The Problem? :pensive:

Our creativity has its limits and therefore we’re opening up the naming part of this creative process to the community!

The competition will last ~1 week, ending at 00:01 BST on 27/10/21. There will then be a ~1-week voting process amongst the Vega Team lasting until 02/11/21 when the winner will be announced on Vega Social and channels (we’d like to avoid a Boaty McBoatface scenario).

Rules/Competition Notice

  1. You may make as many entries as you like simply by replying to this thread with your suggestion. You may make multiple entries in one reply.
  2. Bots/Automated entries not allowed AND a large number of low-quality entries will be disqualified, and unproductive posts may be removed at our discretion.
  3. The team reserves the right to select no winners if no suitable entrants are made. We want to select a winner, so please make good suggestions :frog:!
  4. The winner will be contacted by DM on the forum. Once we receive a reply confirming that they abide by the Terms & Conditions we will send the winner their token claim link. If content, they will receive public recognition for naming the Vega Open Source Font.
    *If we receive no response, we will give the top reward to the 2nd place runner up and so on.

Prizes :trophy::trophy::trophy:
1st place: 100 $VEGA :drooling_face:
2nd & 3rd place: 50 $VEGA :yum:
*From Tranche 12 (1/3rd unlocked & remainder released over 4 months)

Read the full blog post (NOW LIVE) for the philosophy and trivia behind why exactly Vega decided to make and then open-source its font!

Good luck, get naming! :hedgehog:


Lyra (Lyrae font).
Since Vega shares the name of the brightest star in the Lyra constellation, the font could be named after it - Lyra (or Lyrae font).


Since the goal is decentralisation and vega is building a tools that guarantee the freedom to trade and make that freedom accessible to anyone on earth the font should be called Vega-dex or Earthdex that would mean earth decentralisation

Font for Vega = Fega

Vega Pro

Keep it simple.


Hard at battle with the leanest and meanest in the dark forest she has given her all to fight for justice! I therefor call upon your sense of justice to give credit where credit is due and call it the

:fairy: “Fair Wendy” Font :fairy:


(need to write more0)

Given the information provided in the post about the font and it’s existing combinations of old/archaic to futuristic, I think it would be fitting for that temporal theme to be carried on in the name of the font too. Moreover, as Vega is a decentralised derivatives exchange, the name of the font should also reflect this. Lastly, to me the font looks retro, like the kind of font one would find in a 1980’s video game. Therefore, the name I have proposed for this font combines all three of these points:

Back To The Futures

We need to honour the hedgehog. How about

Hixel McShnixel or

the Middle English term for one

(in my head it sound like this heeeehooooog shouted at the top of your voice down an immense value of beautiful pastures)


Another idea that I have is more simple and relevant to font naming convention in general. I also propose:

V3ga Scrypt

I think it is important that the word Vega remains in the name of the font for clear reasons. However, I think that replacing the ‘e’ with a 3 adds value. Vega is a technology, and everything about it from the website design to the font itself looks futuristic and ‘computer-y’. Replacing letters with numbers (leetspeak) is common online and refers to the technological core at the heart of Vega. But more importantly, Vega is self-described as the derivatives layer for the web3.0. Therefore, the 3 in Vega nods to Vega’s goal and purpose whilst also giving the reader a visual prompt for it’s technological appearance.

The last word Scrypt is another play on words. The word ‘script’ is a common naming convention for many fonts that exist. By manipulating the spelling to Scrypt, it still spells, reads, means and sounds the same as Script, but also immediately refers the reader to cryptography and encryption. These ideas underpin the very nature how distributed ledger technology remains secure and functional. Not to mention that ‘script’ refers to computer code itself as well, whilst also describing a font name.

In summary, I think the combination of these two words achieves multiple goals. It refers to the company and follows common font naming convention. The number highlights the nature of how Vega operates, whilst the ‘crypt’ prompts the reader to think of encryption, cryptography and technology too. Overall, a very short but effective name.


Crypto vega - simple , let the user curious of what is crypto vega. Letter C in the beginning , if select fonts in software , in a former positions and easily find.

DeFi vega - simple , same as above

Definance vega

decentralized derivatives

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I’ll throw in


Close enough to a classic but still far enough.


VG pixel Script
VG pxl Script
Pixel Market Script
Pixel Market by VegaDesign
Pxl by VegaDesign
Vega FrontsDesign
Vega Fronts
Vega market ship
Trade market by VegaProtocol

Thrimillenian Latin tradition: Cartago.

Alpha Lyrae (second name of Vega)


Vega Sans
Vega Pixel Sans
Vega Graffity