The Vega EthDenver Infographic Competition [31st Jan - 10th Feb] 🖼

Hello all,

With EthDenver finally coming up over the horizon, the Vega team wanted to allow anyone in the community to leave their mark on our booth!

The Competition

Our booth at EthDenver will feature a 55 inch 16:9 screen which we plan to utilise to show infographics explaining what Vega is & all the many reasons to get excited about Vega and we need your help!!

Entry Rules

  • Infographic requirements

    • Create a brief overview teaching people what Vega is!
    • use our new site as a guideline on what’s cool about Vega.
    • JPG/PNG file format preferred
    • 16:9 aspect ratio 2560x1440p resolution
    • Creativity is of course welcomed but please reasonably try to follow Vegas branding (can be found here)
  • Infographic Suggestions & Examples

    • Not sure your design matches Vega? Share your ideas with us on Discord in #memes-pics!
    • The Ghosts Of Centralised Liquidity are fan favourites in the Vega community, these can be found here & here, these could be included in your designs
    • Hixel is another beloved character of the community, this small yet mighty character can be found here and again is welcomed to be included in your design
    • Our recently community-named font Alpha Lyrae, details & how to install this can be found here
    • Examples of “good” infographics (we’re hoping yours will be better :star_struck:)
    1. Schools Report Infographic
    2. Ethereum Infographic
    3. Example Infographic

How To Enter & Key Dates

  1. Make sure to read all of these rules before starting your design!
  2. Use whatever digital, physical or other crazy design tools at your disposal to create a design
  3. Submit a design to this Google Form here:
  4. These designs will then be posted on Twitter, from 07/02/22 for 3 days
  5. The Vega team will (with the community feedback in mind) select the top 3 infographics on 10/02/2022
  6. These 3 designs will then be issued prizes whilst also being shown at the Vega booth at EthDenver 2022!!

Competition Notice

While anyone over the age of 18 can submit a design, unfortunately, eligibility to receive prizes is restricted as follows:

  • Residents of the Crimea Region or any of the following countries: People’s Republic of China, Canada, Burma/Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Sudan, Ecuador, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Namibia are not eligible for prizes and will not receive any prizes.
  • Citizens, residents or green card holders of the United States of America are not eligible for prizes and will not receive any prizes.

Read the full Vega Terms & Conditions for the full prize eligibility criteria.

Prizes :trophy::trophy::trophy:

Winners share in a 325 $VEGA total prize pool
175 $VEGA 1st top prize, 100 $VEGA for 2nd & 75 $VEGA for 3rd!

Additional perks for the winners

  • We will tweet your social handle(s) and the winning design(s)
  • Your design will be featured at the Vega booth for the entire conference of EthDenver!
  • In the future we might ask you to make more design assets for Vega (rewarded in VEGA tokens)

Good luck! :hedgehog:


Hi @Jake ,
The form appears to be have permissions associated to it meaning it cannot be accessed.

Hey @upright1,
My Apologies, I believe this was an issue with this settings! Could you give it another try and see if it’s fixed :slight_smile:


Hi Jake,
Do we have up until today to submit inforgraphics?

Hey TuO!
Yes! Can confirm deadline to be submitted is end of today (23:59 GMT)!

Best of luck in the competition :smile: