Testnet release notes and updates

Announcements and details on releases, resets and important information about the Vega Testnet.


The next software release for the testnet is being tested internally and is being targeted for release on the 16th March 2020. This release has several user facing changes:

Trades resulting from orders initiated by the network (for example close outs) will now be visible via all APIs. Previously they were not emitted and only reported internally.

Two new new order statuses have been added to the OrderType, these are ‘Rejected’ and 'PartiallyFilled’.

When querying for Trades, the GraphQL API will receive a full buyer and seller Party structure, instead of a simple Party ID string. Two additional fields called buyOrder and sellOrder have been added which contain the Order ID for the buy order and sell order respectively.

Minor updates to the Vega Console will be deployed at the same time to support the node changes listed above.

Testnet will be reset on a weekly schedule every Monday at 10am UTC, the next reset will be Monday 16th March 2020.

Any feedback or questions on any of this, please do not hesitate to ask.

Happy trading!


We’ve reset the testnet as scheduled this morning, alongside the network reset we’ve also deployed a new version of the Vega Console app which includes:

  • A reset button to return all settings and default layouts to original configuration.
  • A bug fix to revert fills query to use old buyer and seller fields which expect a string, rather than a party type.

The Full Reset button has some issues that we’re looking in to now. I’ll post here when a fix is deployed!


The fix was deployed earlier today.

The bug was tough to track down as it wasn’t consistent across browsers or devices. In the end it was pretty simple: in some cases, we weren’t waiting for the storage clean up to happen before reloading the browser.

Luckily it’s a pretty obscure bug - if people are using the Full Reset button at all frequently, we have other problems!


Hi #testnet pioneers, we’ve reset the testnet as scheduled this morning at 10am UTC. The engineering team are working hard on a couple of great new features that we want to ship in the coming weeks. For instance, this week we’re focusing on internal testing some of our Governance protocol work. Thank you and happy trading!


Our regular 10am UTC testnet reset will happen on Tuesday 14th April this coming week, and not on the usual Monday slot. We will update the Vega Console to v0.21.1 which includes support and improvements to Vega Wallet integration:

  • Multiple keypairs per user account
  • Switch between keypairs to trade as a different party on the network
  • Assign aliases to keypairs

A new release of the node software will add support for the updated Wallet features and authentication.

Access credentials will remain the same but the flow for signing transactions has been changed within the Console.


Last night we uncovered an issue that could cause problems with invalid ED25519 keys in the node software. To mitigate this we have deployed a patch (v0.16.1) which includes fixes and reset the network. As far as we can tell trading should not be affected.


Yesterday we reset the Testnet at 10am UTC (our regular time). The node software remains unchanged, however Vega Console is now at v0.21.2 which includes several fixes for the wallet/key management interface.


Our next Testnet reset is scheduled for Monday 11th May at 10am UTC (GMT+1). We’re expecting to release a new version of the node software and also new updates to Vega Console. Watch this space for more details next week.

Happy Trading!


Last night we had an incident on Testnet which caused a reset.

What happened? One of the markets on Testnet ended up without sufficient liquidity to close out some of the positions. In the future this will trigger the market to enter into auction mode, which will be used to source sufficient liquidity to allow the market to recover.

What’s next? Markets automatically entering into auction mode is not yet implemented, however the engineering team are working on adding auction modes to Testnet this quarter.

Thanks and if you’d like to participate in our Testnet head over to our website to request access.


We reset the Testnet as scheduled yesterday at 10am UTC (GMT+1) and released new versions of our node software and console.

A couple of the exciting improvements/fixes in v0.17.0 of the node software are:

  • Improvements to GraphQL APIs including a new allParties query.
  • Add an updatedAt field to all orders returned by APIs.
  • Return full Market details in nested GraphQL queries, previously this was just a summary.

Also, for a more in-depth summary of the changes in Console v0.22.0 head over to this post by @edd

Thanks and happy trading.


Thank you for the information, access requested. I really hope that you will invite me to the test team soon.
With respect MBGBuzzer [4Block]


Welcome @MBGBuzzer we hope to see you on a Testnet on boarding session soon :+1:


We reset the Testnet as scheduled today at 10am UTC (GMT+1) and released new versions of our node software and console.

A handful of the exciting improvements/fixes in v0.18.1 of the node software are:

  • Automatically build for multiple architectures and publish to GitHub releases.
  • Improvements to GraphQL APIs including support for governance proposals and complexity limits.
  • Fix amends triggering multiple updates to a single order in some use cases.
  • Fix to ensure keys are hex encoded.

For the Console v0.22.3 release:

  • Improvements to the toast notifications we added last release, and brings back the ‘Reset’ switch on the ‘loading page’. Useful if something goes wrong while loading. We hope you don’t need it, but if you do - it’s back.
  • Long public keys are now intelligently truncated.
  • Toast notifications now stack when they happen close together.
  • Fixes for logging in to a wallet with no keys present.
  • Other minor bug fixes/improvements.

We reset the Testnet as scheduled yesterday at 10am UTC (GMT+1) and released new versions of our node software and also Vega Console.

The v0.19.0 release of the node software contains many internal improvements, bug fixes and enhancements to pave the way for new Governance features.

For the Console v0.24.1 release, several enhancements that will support new Governance changes on Vega nodes. Additional fixes include:

  • Fix for incorrect title field on windows in new workspaces.
  • Fix for market order price showing as 0 in the order list.
  • Improved error messages given for login failure.
  • Font size changes for visual consistency.
  • Improve error handling and make reporting clearer.

Thanks and if you’d like to participate in our Testnet head over to our website to request access


:mega: We’ve performed our scheduled reset of the Testnet at 10am GMT (UTC), all your accounts will remain but your collateral and order book/positions will be removed and you’ll have a fresh set of collateral to play with! Happy trading :moneybag:


:mega: We’re about to reset the Vega Testnet to perform an update of the Market Names for our 3 test markets [MarketInfo->Instrument->Name], your trading collateral, positions and all orders will be reset as well. No other changes.


Our next Testnet reset and release is scheduled for Monday 3rd August at 10am UTC (GMT+1).

:rotating_light: EDIT: Sometimes big releases cause big bugs! This release has been rolled back. :rotating_light:

This time around we have a hefty update for the node software with release 0.22.0. The release primarily focuses on setting up Vega nodes to deal correctly with events sourced from other chains, as we’re nearly ready to start bringing in ERC20 assets from Ethereum. This includes responding to asset-related events from Ethereum, and support for validator nodes notarising asset movements and proposals. (Note: deposit of ERC20 assets on Vega is not yet enabled.)

The release also contains a lot of bug fixes and improvements, primarily around an internal refactor to use an event bus to communicate between packages. Also included are some corrections for order statuses that were incorrectly being reported or left outdated on the APIs.

Also new or improved:

  • Adding support for two-step governance processes such as asset proposals and new chain proposals, add RejectionReason field to rejected governance proposals, and add a new Notary package for tracking multisig decisions for governance, such as
  • Adding OpenInterest field to markets, which shows the total size of open orders
  • GraphQL: Orders will include their version and updatedAt, which are useful when dealing with amended orders
  • GraphQL: New asset proposals
  • API documentation: Improving order documentation for Status and TimeInForce

If you use APIs to interact with the testnet, these changes may affect you.

  • REST: Updating orders endpoints to use POST, not PUT or DELETE
  • GraphQL: Some endpoints returned a nullable array of strings. Now they will return an array of nullable strings
  • GraphQL & GRPC: Removing broken open parameter from Orders endpoints. It returned ambiguous results
  • REST & GraphQL: Market name will now be based on the instrument name rather than being set separately
  • Fixing outdated order details for orders amended by cancel-and-replace
  • Fixing incorrect status on partially filled trades that would have matched with another order by the same user. Was stopped, now rejected

The Console 0.27.2 release primarily includes design and usability improvements.

  • New design for how error messages are displayed
  • New design for the connection status, now appears in bottom left of browser window
  • Fixing various label typos and some improved labels
  • Fixing an issue where changing a pubkey wasn’t clearing the list of positions

Thanks @candida, as mentioned we’ve now rolled back this release so the testnet is fully operational running release 0.19.0.

We’ll update here as soon as we have the next release fixed, tested and ready to go :rocket: