StakewithJenni Profile

Hi folks,
we are a staking service provider from India. we 5 guys started this service 1.5 years ago. Currently we validate 5 networks with more than $10million worth of digital assets staked with us. our team members have 10 years of server management experience . check out

we are currently running validator service for 5 blockchain networks. (Mina,casper,hopr,Marlin,Near). we have participated in various test nets (Mina , casper ,Near ,hopr,Kira,compound ,Aleo,Parastate,Marlin,Zeitgeist,Spacemesh) and did very well .check this (Better) Mina Uptime Leaderboard - TowerStake we are at top of list in uptime among all Mina validators.

we normally use hardware wallets and if possible keep our private keys offline always .

we use top notch hardware for validating all our pos block chains. and our team monitors it 24*7. because of this our up time in casper and mina projects are best among all validators. we also make any scripts required for monitoring the nodes or use ready made available tools.

we use top service providers like AWS, GCP. we normally use Hardware with NVME storage , software raid, AMD Ryzen / Intel(R) Xeon(R) with 32core and 128gb servers for our nodes. we have our finance covered for at least 5 years from now.

we can be contacted at Discord : jenni#0900
Telegram : stakewithjenni

we actively participate in Dao and governance practices across all block chains we validate.