Hey everyone, I’m Michael from / We are super excited to grow the Vega ecosystem together with everyone.

Established since February 2019, has providing secure blockchain infrastructure across leading Proof-of-Stake protocols. We are a team of engineers and specialists who are passionate about all things blockchain/crypto, and we are the only staking provider in the world to be backed by a government fund, SGInnovate.


Besides running our own validator nodes and whitelabel validators on >20+ networks, we also launched an intuitive yield aggregation platform that consolidates staking yields with DeFi yields at Unagii. As huge supporters of both the Ethereum and Tendermint ecosystem, we will be adding all supported validation networks (including Vega!) onto, which will allow you to have a single unified experience in managing your yielding portfolio!

Security, Reliability and Performance

We have a secure and highly reliable staking infrastructure, complemented with automated deployment tools with 24/7 monitoring.

For more information on our infrastructure, please visit and read up on our validation topology.


Join our Telegram group chat for all things staking/DeFi related, and join our Announcement channel to stay tuned to our latest updates.

Alternatively, feel free to email us at or


We typically convey important governance voting decisions on our telegram chat or via Twitter.

Thank you for reading!


Hi Michael, looks great, did you work with Do Kwon on building Unagii? Saw his name on your website?

Hey Zach! Unagii is built entirely inhouse by our team at

Do Kwon (as well as Eric and Jack) provided invaluable feedback after trying out our platform :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice one, thanks Michael :snake: :fishing_pole_and_fish:

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