Solidstake Profile

Hi Vega
we are a staking service provider from china. our team members have deep research on various consensus algorithms various consensus algorithms, can locate bugs well in staking. five years of server management, monitoring, high availability

we are currently running validator service for many blockchain networks. (Mina, Casper, Polygon, Marlin, Alaya, Platon, Nucypher, The Graph). we have participated in various test nets (Mina , Casper , Hopr, Swam, Marlin, Phala, Spacemesh, Alaya, Platon, Axelar , Nucypher, The Graph, Polygon etc) and did very well .

Usually sentinel nodes are used to separate the validator nodes. the keystore for staking only allows local RPC nodes to access, the sentinel nodes are authenticated to prevent attacks. at the same time, the reward wallet will be stored by the cold wallet.

we use top notch hardware for validating all our pos block chains. and our team monitors it 24*7. use prometheus, node_export, gafana, geth metrics are used for real-time monitoring of node resources and node synchronization, warnings, and keepalived is used to switch between active and standby nodes to ensure the high availability of main network nodes. At the same time, the required assistance will be prepared according to different public chains. Tools and scripts to monitor and count blockchain data

we have local server cluster nodes, which use kvm and vsphere clusters for virtualization management. or instances of GCP and AWS top server vendors. If necessary, bare metal or vps which contain gpu.

we can be contacted at Discord : lavender#4122、Deahow#1260

we actively participate in Dao and governance practices across all block chains we validate.