rqNodes profile

Hi there!
This is Cagdas from rqNodes Team and I would love to see my team growing with Vega.

About rqNodes
We are a brand new multi-national team with members from Turkey and Belgium where all members are software and blockchain professionals. We are running testnet facilities and developing dapps on provided SDKs for the communities. Our contents will increase day by day as we participate more on the promising projects like Vega.

We are mostly participating into promising projects from Testnet to Mainnet to develop and maintain network related solutions. We are in the community of Joystream, MINA, IDEX, Aleo and NYM where our members have several duties on these networks like Validator, Council Member, Service Provider, Web Designer, Translator, etc. Running and maintaining a node will be an easy and joyful task for us!

Security + Reliability + Performance = Engineering
As being a team with an engineering experience, we are all aware of the importance of these subjects and those are the things for what we’ve been educated.
Please be sure that our nodes will be running on the top-spec instances of foremost service providers.

As a brand-new established team, we are trying our best to improve social channels. Currently we have non-mature telegram and twitter channels but they are all gonna be contributed as we complete our accomplishments.

As denoted earlier, we have being already participated in several networks via councils and privileged groups. We also would like to have a change to dig into Vega community.

Thanks for your attention on our application, let us if you have any questions.


Hello to everyone. We have combined our experience in crypto and blockchain under rqnodes. we’ve been helping projects on mainnets and testnets for a while. Our team consists of 5 people, 4 of them are software engineers and they are currently working in global reputable companies and 1 of our friends is in the field of blockchain full time. In the near future, we will continue in the field of blockchain full-time. The Vega project is the most exciting for us and we have been waiting for this moment for a long time. We hope this chance will be given to us. Good luck everyone.