Pragma Invest Profile


We are team Pragma Invest and we are passionate about decentralized technologies. We have been following the developments behind the Vega project and would like to support it in any possible way. Specifically, we believe that Pragma has a strong technical background and is capable to offer our expertise to the Vega community.

Company: Pragma Invest
Pragma Invest is a decentralized fund that focuses on supporting early-stage game-changing blockchain projects. We invest in cryptocurrency startups having talented teams, as well as support existing blockchain projects with running their validator nodes.
The key asset of our fund is its people: we gathered veterans in the blockchain space, who have been working as senior developers in the blockchain space and academia, giving us cutting-edge advantage.

Our team members have been running validators for a plethora of blockchain projects. Specifically, we are running validators for Terra, Avalanche, the Graph, HydraDX, Moonbeam, Radicle and Mina, to name a few. We also currently running early blockchain project testnets in exploratory mode, such as Nym, Rizon, Cere, Kilt, Meson and Spacemash.

In the context of performance metrics, we try to maintain 99.99% uptime and have access to dedicated servers in different jurisdictions, all having adequate backups. This allows to account for site failure.

In the context of Tendermint chains, our team has experience with Starport , and we have first hand knowledge with how the Tendermint infrastructure operates.

Every dedicated server’s security is maintained given a predefined protocol. Password-based ssh access is disabled and only one pre-authorised user has the capacity to login. Firewalls are, of course, in place, ensuring that only the ports that are used by the validator itself are opened.


We use state-of-the-art reliability services that under the hood employ Grafana and Prometheus, among other tools. Our tools provide us with advanced monitoring and alerting capacity. Specific lifecycle policies are in place, which adequately react to different validator / dedicated machine states. In layman terms this means, that if there’s a problem with our infrastructure, we are going to be notified about it, 24/7.

The following describes our dedicated machines:

AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600 Hexa-Core
Simultaneous Multithreading

Hard drive: 2 x 512 GB NVMe SSD
(software-RAID 1)
Connection: 1 GBit/s port
Guaranteed bandwidth: 1 GBit/s
Backup space: 100 GB
Traffic: Unlimited *


We are reachable at


Pragma Invest is participating actively in all DAO governance initiatives for the chains, which we validate. Therefore, all governance decisions would be published on our Twitter page and disseminated across all available Vega communication channels.

Thank you for your attention. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to share them with us. Our team would gladly provide the answers.


Hey guys, appreciate your technical experience and quantitative knowledge of markets could fit really well with Vega. Does your quantitative hedge fund mostly trade on exchanges, or is it beyond that?

I couldn’t find your twitter from a quick search, would you be able to link it?

Thank you for your message, Zach! We do have a Twitter page, however, as of now, we are not really active there. We just hired somebody who should be actively maintaining it to build our social media presence (they are scheduled to start in a few weeks).
To address your trading question, our fund trades on a variety of exchanges and OTC desks to facilitate order execution. Most of our volume, however, is going through CEXex at this point.