NPVentures profile


*We are a group of crypto professionals, looking for new original project and supporting them since early stages in different ways. I have personally been member of testnet on vega and took part in the sale as this opportunity was presented, pitty the allocation was so small :stuck_out_tongue: … *

*I have 15 years of experience in integration and automation in top companies in fintech accross europe. payment providers, banks… Im skilled and certified in number of technologies and can use this knowledge to build serious digital fortresses that are rock solid in performance and security. Up to Tier 1 bank standards. Our infrastructure is located in top datacenters across globe, all servers are dedicated machines connected over at least a 1gbs link. All machines are actively monitored and all events create alerts on which are we able to react providing uptime 99,5% SLA. We currently run ~20 mainnet and testnet nodes, BTC fullnode, ETH archiving nodes, The Graph, Solana, Mina, xxnetwork, several substrate based nodes… We have solid experience with acting as technical support in different communities .

We look forward to help to secure Vega network as Vega is one of my favorite projects I got involved in 2021 *

Cheers, and looking forward for the launch.

PS: lot of well known entities in validating game joined this channel, its great to see quality service providers coming to support VEGA! cheers guys!