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Hi :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
Sergio here from NodesGuru. We’d be happy to join Vega community.
We created and maintain the largest tesnet portal, professionally run nodes, invest in projects and leads Ru-tech community.

Company: Nodes.Guru

Nodes.Guru is the largest testnet portal that aggregates the most promising testnets with step-by-step guides, own node running tools, scripts and explorers.

We are a group of 8 IT professionals, including Js/Ts, Rust, C+, Solidity devs, architects, devOps and marketing specialists.

Sergio as a founder worked 10+ years in IT as a solution architect with the largest IT projects in the leading solution delivery companies - Accenture, Tinkoff, NetCracker as well as being a founder of several startups and have 4 years of IT experience within crypto world.
Our goal is to become the entering point not only for all testnets but for staking.

Nodes.Guru Experience

We’ve participated in 50+ testnets with more than 200 nodes, including:

  • Casper, Solana, Clover, Hopr, Keep, Agoric, Nym, Aleo, Ironfish, Manta, Eco and many others.

Usually we cooperate with project teams in building network tools like Nym Explorer, NetStats, Aleo Checker.
We’ve got a main community of 5k technically advanced users in TG as well as manage almost all major testnet official TG groups in Russian, for example: Vega, Nym, Aleo, Agoric, Zeitgeist, Clover, Eco, Spacemesh, Meson, IronFish, Rizon and others.

As for mainnets we are currently operating in 4 mainnets (Casper, Solana, Mina, Regen) hosted on the best possible providers, as well as on our own server cluster.

We do value our community and keep them updated using different sources like Medium with the most important articles translated, Youtube with guides and news, Telegram.

Nodes.Guru Reliability

Our infrastructure is physically located in different, geographically dispersed data centers, including Vultr, Hetzner, Contabo and our own clusters. We use various tools to monitor our services and are ready 24/7 to fix them as we’ve got a duty engineer 365 days.

Nodes.Guru Communication

The best way to communicate with us is
Aslwo are always happy to help in our Russian community

Nodes.Guru Governance

We’d be happy to take part in Vega votings and discussions and possibly run a DAO as we are part of several ones.

We would be really delighted to be chosen as a Vega’s validator set as we do think that our community deserves it and will supports us.

Thanks for your time,


Tnx NodesGuru team for everything you do!


Thanks to the Nodes guru for your support and help.


Thanks to you, thousands of people have learned what nodes and validation are! You are best.


Thank you! Guru team look forward !!!


Nodesguru top! Congurations!

3 Likes - one of the greatest communities, glad to be part of it. Vega would definitely benefit from team participation as a validator. Would add from me that they created and maintain a community where you shouldn’t pay to get in, where a group of enthusiastic people supports each other to get more knowledge and participate in top blockchain projects.


You guys are definitely the best. Thanks for your work :wink:


Good joke about 5k technically advanced users. It is enough to read through messaging history in channel to understand what “advanced” level you mean :laughing:. 60% of messages are spam, 10% -bots, every second message looks like “when will be my rewards? | will I get Lambo?”.

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NodesGuru - real specaialists :+1:


These guys are just the best. Ready to give them my tokens)


thanks for everything you do for the community!


The guys are great, they know their job and share their experience with the community. Many thanks to their team!


Very good guys. They are well versed in the blockchain industry. Thanks for your hard work.


I think your team is a prime candidate for Vega mainnet. Best team, loyal community, top specs


Great community, lots of benefits for members! good luck NodesGuru.


These guys are the best at what they do! :slight_smile:


I’d rely on Nodes.Guru, no doubts


Thanks to, I finally started figuring out how to run nodes and participate in testnets. People can always write to them in a TG group and they always try to answer, always help. Admins not only constantly write articles and detailed guides for participating in projects, they give advice to beginners and help them become experienced users. Thank you!


These are really cool
guys, I give my vote for them.