Hi all,

I’m Zhihao from Nodeasy. We’d love to to have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to Vega community! We are willing to go to success with Vega.

Company:Nodeasy ( is a Staking Economy portal from China, providing one-stop blockchain staking on-chain data, public chain node construction technology, node operation and maintenance and operation services; at the same time, Nodeasy is also a comprehensive domestic blockchain staking Data providers and node service providers.

Experience is an Staking Economy Portal and DeFi in China, we provide precisely statistics info about POS and MN projects. We have our own blockchian media, mining pool, validators. We have our own QQ group, Wechat group with more than 40,000 readers, 5,000 staking fans and more than 30 KOLs in Chinese blockchain media. Currently Nodeasy is validator on Cosmos, Terra, Near, Polkadot, Avax, Oasis, Mina, Nucypher, Graph, Certik, Horizen, Kusama, Stafi, Darwinia, Harmony, Irisnet, IoTeX, IOST, EOSForce and so on.


Contact is us via


We actively participate in the governance of all of our networks;

Platon——Proposal discussion: adjustment of zero block produce and double-signing slash.

We track activity and are active governance participants across all of the protocols we support.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question!