Nicenet testnet launch

In preparation for the 1st testnet, keen to get involved.

When should we expect for the above to be launched?

@pkr Really pleased that you’re excited to start trying the testnet! We haven’t yet announced when we’re going fully public with it, but you can sign up to the waiting list to find out when you can start using it.

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Tx @candida i signed up to the waiting list – what’s is the best way to find out my ranking on the list?

Hi @pkr, in the next couple of days we’ll be sending out details for our first Testnet onboarding roundtable. This will be a chance for us to meet you (remotely of course!) and take you through Vega and our recent release. It would be great if you were able to join us. We’ll likely run a couple to accommodate different time zones. Which are you based in?

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Thanks for the update and super excited of the upcoming testnet launch – I am Australia based, GMT + 11hrs