Move 'Swap' to a more intuitive place


I really am not sure why the UI team decided to only put the new swap feature in the portfolio tab and I would love to hear the rationale behind it. But I don’t think it makes sense at all

Imagine someone who wants to quickly swap spot assets using this feature, do you think it makes intuitive sense to click to your portfolio? Or does it make more sense to click to trading?

While I think it’s fine for ‘swap’ to stay in the portfolio tab, I don’t think it should be the only place a user accesses it

Having a header for ‘swap’ next to ‘trading’ is much better and puts the feature at the forefront of the UI. It also allows for a user to access this function in 1 click vs 2 clicks via portfolio. You could even add it to the sidebar when you are in the trading view similar to how you have the order icon

who knows maybe I’m wrong in these suggestions, but I really don’t see how the current place makes intuitive sense

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Concur. The UI would fit nicely into a modal or something, so having it easily accessible from the top toolbar would be nice

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Thanks for the feedback, we agree and are already working on something that should give you this. Swap will be accessible where the deal ticket is, in the side bar, once the new sidebar asset view is available, but for now it’s only on the portfolio page while that’s being built.

Here are some of the designs for what’s coming…

Relevant asset for the market in sidebar:

Asset management sidebar:

Swap in sidebar:

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Also worth mentioning that all spot markets have a full market page under Trading already and can be accessed there with the chart, order book, and deal ticket.

When the new sidebar is live it’ll be possible to also see the simple swap UI as shown above.

Currently there’s no way to set the simple Uniswap-style UI as the default / main deal ticket instead of the normal one on spot markets, but this is probably something that could be added fairly easily if there was demand (though as mentioned, that swap UI will be accessible from any market in the new asset sidebar section too).