validator profile

Hello everyone!

My name’s Yevgen, and I represent an independent validator

We are a small team that started our independent validation venture in 2019. We pride ourselves on supporting the projects that have value for people and real-world use cases.

We run validators on various networks including Polkadot, Kusama, Centrifuge, Celo, Oasis, Regen, Mina, Moonbeam, Stafi, The Graph, HydraDX.

** Security, Reliability and Performance**
We locate our infrastructure in various data centers across Europe in order to ensure redundancy and high uptime. During the Great Celo Stake Off competition (Celo’s incentivized testnet) our infrastructure was audited by a security audit company and received a high mark (93 points our of 100 points).

We use Prometheus and Grafana monitoring and alerting tools in order to monitor the infrastructure and respond to any issues. We also run backup nodes in order to switch to them in case the main nodes go offline.

You can check more details about what we do at

Follow us on Twitter or reach out to me directly on Keybase or Telegram (Telegram: Contact @y3v63n).

Since we do not pursue validating on as many networks as possible and only support the networks that align with our own long-term views, we have an opportunity to actively participate in the governance processes, which we also intend to do on Vega if the community supports us.

Looking forward to your support and wish you all the best!