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Hey guys,

Patrick here representing the MCLB-DAO, a community of validators with one main goal, that is, showing that community driven teams can act and perform professionally and bring best results with the eagerness and sacrifice that being small requires. We are into all-things-crypto, builders, investors, staking-as-a-service providers and big supporters of the entire blockchain ecosystem and decentralization. But, once again, as a community driven team. We have been early supporters of Vega and have joined its private whitelisted sale as such and have as well kept in touch with Vega Protocol team for a long time, showing our interest in the disruptive change it brings and sharing big interest in participating in securing its network of validators.

Our team members are spread around the world with different backgrounds and skills, Fierydev - Founding Member MCLB-DAO / Lawyer / Validator, ivandiazperez - Industrial Engineer, software developer and systems manager in the aviation industry / Validator, Patrick - Founding Member MCLB-DAO / DOTValidator Alliance ( / Education / Validator / Community builder and DavidGP - validator and hardware expert with over 15 years of experience.

Please include details about your staking organization and key team members / leadership. Please describe the skills and competencies of your team members.


MCLB-DAO and itโ€™s members have extensive experience in running validators / nodes on several different mainnet protocols. Our currently running mainnet nodes can be found here: which also includes Tendermint-based PoS
Fantom,, Matic, Bluzelle, Sifchain as well as other well known blockchains like Solana, Kusama parachains as Moonriver and other projects like Mina.

ivandiazperez, founder of Peloclick Staking and being a Mina PCM and in top10 of mainnet uptime validators. Moonriver collator. Solana validator.

Pathrocknetwork - Mina GFM ,Testworld winner, Mina Foundation delegation, Genesis Validator, Moonriver collator

Fierydev - Mina GFM, Mina Foundation delegation

DavidGP - Mina GFM, Solana mainnet validator, Moonriver collator


Security is a paradigm not just in blockchain technology, but as well in systems administration. We have more than 25 years of experience doing sysop in highly critical industries like aviation or automotive electronics. In some cases hotkeys are needed on the server, so general sw and hw (when possible) firewalling, securing and regular auditing are in place. Possible security breaches are monitored, and communicated to the team for their inspection. When hotkeys are not needed, physical key storage devices are used and data is encrypted as well.


24/7 monitoring based on grafana, custom-made scripts and mobile phone pushed alarms are in place in the mainnet nodes operated by the MCLB. For us, as a small team, not failing at any point is key. Not only alarms are in place, but other KPI like i/o performance of NVME drives, RAM use, CPU, Temp and NVME wear are monitored as well.


We get computing power being offered by AWS, OVHCloud, Google Cloud and Strato. NVME storage with software raid, AMD Ryzen architecture and 128Gb of RAM is the common standard in our mainnet nodes. We have some bare metal nodes not being operated by external services as well, such as Dell Poweredge R7525. We have our finances secured for over 5 years and can scale up as it is needed.


There are different ways to get in touch with us.

Our own discord:




MCLB-DAO and itโ€™s members actively participate in all governance activities that take place on the protocols we validate, either as individuals or as a team.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions