LetsRunThisFckgNode - Validator Candidate

Team / Company / DAO

BenjPirate / Ax1 / 0xJust1 : SysAdmin Linux / WebDev / PHP / Java / HTML / CSS / Python


Sifchain: Validator on the betanet since the launch

Desmos : Validator on morpheus Testnet

BitCountry : Validator on Testnet

IronFish : Validator on Testnet

Aleo : Validator on Testnet

KIRA : Validator on Testnet & Whitelisted

Mina Protocol : Genesis Founder Member

Near Protocol : Stakewar (Betanet)

Keep Network : Testnet Keep network “how to play keep” ECDSA + Beacon random node.

The Graph : Validator on Testnet


Keys and sensitive elements are saved on offline backup systems and encrypted in order to avoid data loss and online data leakage.


All our machines are monitored in real time with tools such as Cockpit & Grafana, with instant notifications in case of detected problems (processors / ram / hdd / bandwidth / services in progress)


We would be really happy to be chosen as a Vega validator because we believe that our great French community deserves it and will support you.

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