Let's Node Profile

Hello there!
Greetings from Iurii, Let’s Node Team representative.

Let’s Node Team
⠀We are a team of 3 inspired and driven people: @skynode, @SecorD0, @samege, with 10+ years of IT experience. And together we represent the Let’s Node project - our offspring, aimed at:
▸ building a strong friendly node run/crypto community to superb support networks and ecosystems;
▸ providing technical support to other node runners;
▸ helping the beginners and accompanying advanced node runners throughout the daily issues.
⠀Our team has been working in the field of testnets, nodes and validation for quite a long time, so we would like to submit our candidacy for the mainnet validators.

Let’s Node Experience
⠀We are successful validators and node runners of many testnets such as: Hopr, Mina, Solana, Swarm, Aleo, IronFish, Findora, Kira, Spacemesh, Nym, Massa, OmniFlix, Minima and others; where we preserve not purely high uptime, but further endeavour to contribute with the content to our supported networks.
⠀Furthermore we are running several active Russian-speaking chats and communities.

Let’s Node Security
⠀All our servers are Linux based, which we are accessing using SSH keys; and are geographically spread in various data centers. We also have experience with cold wallets and take the security and safety of all private keys extremely seriously. Therefore, if we become part of the Vega community, we will use only the best practices to ensure maximum safety.

Let’s Node Reliability
⠀We approach each project with the utmost professionalism. We execute mandatory backups and monitoring of our servers, we also run bots to notify about the status of our validators. Among our tools we use:
▸ Custom Telegram bots
▸ Grafana
▸ Telegraf alert
▸ Prometheus monitoring

Let’s Node Performance
⠀Our infrastructure benefits from certified and trusted data-centers with DDOS-protection options. For Vega, we are considering an infrastructure based on AMD Ryzen with NVME disks, using Raid technology.
⠀In need of detailed specs description, we will be more than happy to provide this.

Let’s Node Communication
⠀We run a channel about Nodes: Let’s Node, which is open for everyone to join. Our channel is a place where every person, among other things, can get any help needed, discuss important updates, and educate himself/herself. In addition to our own chat and channel, we are actively involved in many networks.
⠀For quick communication, you can contact us via:
▸ Telegram: Skynode, MaxxiLVR | crypto, SecorD
▸ Email: team.letscrypto@gmail.com

Let’s Node Governance
⠀DAO ideas are a big part of our vision, and we are delighted to perform in Vega votings, and in the first instance we will be governed by the community decisions.
Becoming part of the Vega community will be a great honor for our team! We are thrilled to be potentially among the first validators and contribute to decentralizing and securing Vega network in the early stage!


Superb team :mechanical_arm: They really help grow and educate the crypto community.

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Very knowledgeable and supportive guys!

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Great team, node experts, always provide feedback and help

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Number one in its nishe. trusted team.

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I know this profile from their telegram channel and discord. The maintainer is a very strong professional.
Thank you for your contribution to nodes administration tutorials, and for your support in telegram and discord!

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This is high quality team with awesome reputation. I follow them long time ago and every time I see how fast they build validator nodes and share all the updates with community for free.

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Thanks team for their guides and work!

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