JPY-USD Monthly Futures

Context for market

I :heart: Japan! My eyes were opened to this remarkable culture, land and people when I studied Japanese :jp: at school and was delighted to visit a few years ago, where I fell in love with the people, the skiing :mount_fuji:, the onsens ( :hotsprings: ) and the sushi :sushi:! Recently our community manager, @christina welcomed a new member to her family (:wave: Naomi :doge: :heart_eyes: ) and she instantly became my market muse and all things Japan are back on my radar!

I’m proposing to create a JPY/USD futures market to assist me, and others, in managing Yen in my portfolio :yen: .

I think that a cash settled futures market, rather than deliverable futures (which is what the CME offers) could be useful to a class of traders and strategies, particularly when the physical Yen or USD are not required. Also, having a DAI settled market for a traditional FX pair is really cool!

Quick Info

  • Monthly JPY/USD (cash settled direct) Futures markets
  • First market - expiry June 2021 (can roll out more if there’s appetite)
  • Data source for settlement: :question: I’d love some help from the community with recommendations!
  • Settled in DAI
  • Approximate maximum leverage :question:

Check out my proposal here:

Market Muse