Integrate Vega with 3rd party crypto trading exchange libraries [Available]

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Please see Github issue or Gitcoin bounty page for full details, including how to apply to participate :heart:


Integrating your code base with the Vega Testnet is currently pretty straight forward via one of the existing APIs (REST, GraphQL and gRPC). However, we’d like to take one step further and make it even easier by adding support for Vega on one or more of the most popular 3rd party trading exchange API libraries.

Below is a list of target integrations we’d like to obtain first. That said, we’d love to hear your suggestions for other libraries that are popular as well.

Note: we will reward participants for each integration, if a library is not listed, please work with us to ensure project fit.

Acceptance criteria

  • Integrate Vega’s APIs with an existing 3rd party crypto trading exchange API library, several listed above, however please reach out to us and discuss if you’d like to work on integrating another.
  • Once target API library has been identified, please integrate all core 3rd party API library functionality with Vega, for example listing markets, managing orders, tracking balances, streaming. Note: If the 3rd party functionality does not yet exist on Vega, please work with us to capture the requirement and specification for future implementation. Check with the Vega team first on Discord channel if in doubt.
  • Build a small reference application using library integration.

Bounty reward

For this bounty, we will provide a bounty reward of up to 2001 DAI for each integration, please work with us to ensure the solution is acceptable. Please use the Gitcoin platform to participate.

Resources for Developer

Questions & Reviews

You can reach out to us for any queries on our Discord Chat or post your questions here on the community forum topic.

We’re a friendly team and are very keen to help where possible.

Keep Calm and Buidl On!

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As of Friday 12th Feb 2021 this bounty task is available again for participants, please jump on to Discord and chat with us if you’d like to get involved :man_technologist:t2: