Incentive Retrospectives

Write a personal review of the recent Fairground (Testnet) Incentives. The best review will go into the bi-weekly Community Update -

This should only be 1 paragraph long and should include your experience, what you enjoyed, and any feedback you might have!



The design of the incentive improved my precision and helped me to develop a strategy to get to the leaderboard as well as aim for a particular spot with probably the highest reward since the first doesn’t take the highest reward. The 1.5% benchmark become almost no obstacle to achieving this because to end up in the top 50 in the leaderboard means that you have actually traded past even 4%. The reward is tricky but interesting and fun. During the trading time, the crypto currency market experienced a heavy bearish dive down and that affected me also but I was quick to curb my loss. Overall, the game was intensifying and I couldn’t stop playing till the very last minute. Also, the 150 xyz token was more of a realistic amount and portrayed a real trading condition and I recommend a similar amount is always used in subsequent incentive trading as it is more realistic.

I want to express my gratitude to the organizers of the Fairground event in VEGA PROTOCOL for exciting events, in this case I want to talk about Fairground. Get better at functionalities. I think that in the next Testnet I will prove myself even better.
We grow together, it’s an exciting experience.

My experience with Recent Incentivesed game was pretty good.Console is bit more complex for new users but i got use to it over the time. Overall Trading game was fun but from a traders perspective there are few things that needs to be imporved.

  1. First thing i want to point out is about closing the position. I feel closing positions should stay simple as compared to current way to close your position. Introducing a button for closing the position will be a better idea.

2.One more thing I want point out is about price action on charts and order book usually stays different and at some instances what happened with me is i was trying to set up limit order at lower price and it got filled instantly at market price.

3.I feel that incentives should stay for a little longer time so that the traders that are not used to intraday trading and trades using longer time frames can make there mark on leaderboard.


I have participated in many incentive programs on Vega fairgroud but this one is the most interesting because the reward structure is different from usual. To achieve the highest rewards you need to carefully calculate and constantly monitor your ranking position to have the right plan - it is much harder than trying to trade and get the most profit . Although my account was burnt out due to a drastic price movement, I think subsequent incentive programs should adopt a prize structure like APE GAMES. It’s really interesting. :melting_face: