humantraffic profile

Hi, I do not belong to any team, I am a solo validator.

Team / Company / DAO - individual

Experience - I am cryptocurrency since 2017. My experience as a validator: Mainet - Mina, Testnet - Avalanche, Joystream, NYM, HOPR, Clover, Agoric, Stacks, Kira Network, Swarm, Aleo, Ironfish, MASSA, Omniflix.


My infrastructure is physically located in different data centers - Hetzner and OVH, as well as in my own clusters. I use monitoring tools and update the system quickly.


My infrastructure includes nodes based on the latest AMD Ryzen architecture, with NVME-based storage. I also have backup servers for quick replacement. I also use the well Grafana/Prometheus to monitor the state of the nodes.


discord - humantraffic#5925
email -


I actively participate in the development of the network and discussions