How to encourage investors to provide liquidity to the exchange?

The issue of providing exchange liquidity is very relevant, and I would like to comment on the main points:

  1. To begin with, the exchange needs to attract investors who will be ready to provide liquidity. To do this, it is necessary to offer conditions that will be more beneficial for them than a regular interest-bearing deposit.

  2. Next, it is worth taking care of those who will use the liquidity provided by investors. If no one will use it, then there is no point in it. In order to attract customers, it is necessary to analyze competitors and provide conditions that are more profitable than theirs.

  3. An important aspect is security, because not an investor, not a client, will not want to use the service if he is not sure that his funds are safe.

If you succeed in meeting all these conditions, while making sure that the exchange itself remains in the black, you can expect success.