How to Create a Validator Profile

This is the section of the Vega forum where you can submit an expression of interest in becoming a Mainnet validator.

If you have not already done so, you should read this blog post, which describes how the first validators will be selected.

To submit an expression of interest you should create a new topic under this category. The title of the topic should include the name of your staking organisation, and the first post should describe your strengths and experience for the benefit of the Vega community.

Take a look at the reply beneath this message for guidance on how to structure your forum post.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Vega network!



The template below can be used as a guide to structure your profile under this forum category. This is only a guide, so feel free to omit or alter any of the sections as you deem appropriate.

Team / Company / DAO

Please include details about your staking organization and key team members / leadership. Please describe the skills and competencies of your team members.


Please detail any experience you have of validating other networks (include performance metrics where possible). In particular, if you have experience with Tendermint-based PoS chains, it would be helpful to highlight that here.


Validators possess a number of sensitive private keys, which are used to both sign blocks on the Vega blockchain, and also sign transactions on Ethereum to withdraw collateral assets from the Vega asset pool. Please take a moment to describe any policies and practices that you have to ensure such keys are secure and uncompromised (to the extent that you can reveal them publicly).


Please describe the operational procedures that you intend to implement to ensure any validator node you operate has the maximum possible up-time.


Please describe the resources you have available to you to ensure that any validator node you operate will meet suitable performance benchmarks. For example; if you own physical hardware you can describe its capacity, or you could simply describe the finances you have available for
monthly infrastructure spend if you intend to use cloud-based services.


It will be helpful for community members to be able to communicate with the validators they choose to stake their tokens with. If you have your own community forums that VEGA token holders are able to join, please share them here.


The Vega protocol and network functionality is controlled exclusively by token holders through governance voting. Please describe how you intend to take an active role in community governance, and highlight any examples you have of being involved in the governance of existing PoS networks.