Guide to Network Governance on Fairground (Testnet)

Propose new network parameters or changes to existing on Fairground (Testnet).

Network governance follows the Vega governance lifecycle, i.e. sense check, formalise, submit, vote and enact changes.

Guide to changing network parameters:

Make a proposal for a change to the network parameters (for Testnet) and sense check your idea by creating a topic about it in the network governance subcategory, for example:

I propose changing [network parameter name] from [value] to [value] so that [rationale for why this change would be valuable, and who for]

You will also need to then include the following in JSON or similar for the proposal to become formalised and ready to submit to the network for validation:

  • Rationale
  • Parameter
  • Change in value

Take a look at the network parameters and follow the network parameter tutorial on the docs to propose a change.