Gossip and block times

@klaus I was wondering if block time has any effect on when orders can be seen by participants in the network. Since anyone can run a non-validator and participate in gossip, and Wendy takes care of ordering, it seems that block time not a factor which affects when participants can see orders?

@zach If I understand your question correctly, this is correct; at least one should assume that it is possible to see the transactions independent of block time for a party sufficiently interested in doing so.
One small exception is that we might marry Wendy with a C&R scheme, which would hide transactions from view; however, the point of that marriage is that Wendy can trigger the reveal stage once its no longer possible to be frontrun by a new transaction, and thus reveal faster than it would be possible if we’d build on blocktime; blocktime only would matter in this case if the fairness rules/validator behaviour don’t allow Wendy to trigger the reveal, in which case it would be triggered by the finalization of the block (or by reaching the point in Tendermint where the block is fixed). [Disclaimer: This is still in research; Wendy does support this, but even with Wendy’s help C&R might cause issues for high-speed applications].

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Thanks for the thoughtful answer Klaus, that helps. Do you expect Wendy to continue iterating after mainnet is launched? Introducing C&R seems like a serious change in protocol for market makers.