Get started with the hosted wallet bot on Discord

One small leap for Vega Testnet...

The team recommend downloading and running a Vega local wallet, however if you’re not quite ready to go that route then there’s a new bot available on the Vega Discord server, and this one helps Vega Testnet users to obtain their unique hosted wallet details :man_technologist:t2:

One giant leap for robot kind...

For an easy route to experimenting on to the Vega testnet, meet @wallet-bot :robot: who’ll provide you with login details to a hosted wallet.

Receive Vega Testnet hosted wallet credentials either via:
Receive the wallet credentials either via:

:a: Writing !hosted-wallet in #:robot:hosted-wallet channel on Discord (you need to be able to receive DMs from all accounts);


:b: Direct messaging the @wallet-bot !hosted-wallet on Discord

Where can I get more info on Testnet?

Check out for more in depth guides, visit to dive straight into the Console (you’ll need a wallet as described above :point_up:t2:) or reach out on Discord to chat about all things Vega and more.

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