GateOmega Profile

Hello, this is Murat from Gate Omega team. We are very excited and passionate to be part of Vega project. We would like to contribute and convey this project to next level through our blockchain expertise.

We welcome all your questions and will be happy to answer. Please find our details as enclosed.


Gate Omega is a new start-up company based in Turkey. We are a team of 4 and currently focusing on disruptive and innovative crypto projects such as Vega. Gate Omega team consist of professionals who have : - 20+ years IT experience in different domains; server management, cloud computing and information security. - Project management - Operations - Finance


We are currently and successfully operating :

  • Solana testnet
  • Solana mainnet (Gate Omega has been selected as mainnet validator by Solana Foundation program and we are currently waiting for onboarding)
  • Oasis mainnnet
  • Oasis Cipher-Paratime
  • Casper testnet


We mainly use OVH infrastructure with DDOS protection.
Secret management (e.g. server access credentials and private keys) is done by using Hashicorp Vault.


Server level (e.g. disk space, memory, CPU) and node specific metrics are monitored real-time and alerts are generated by using pre-defined thresholds by using Prometheus, Grafana and some custom scripts. We also have a weekly manual health check procedure to ensure our nodes are performing at required service level.


We are using bare metal servers located in Europe and America. High I/O, Raid 1 mirrored NVME disks are used. Each server is dedicated to a specific node, thus nodes are physically seperated/isolated from each other. Servers are selected in different locations to minimize risk of disasters happening in one location effecting many services.


We are easily accessible via Twitter ( and e-mail


As per our governance prcosess we are aiming to monitor proposals and listen to our delegators. We actively involve in voting to represent our community. Another trigger is our observations and operational experience to raise proposals.

Best Regards