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Hi :wave:
Gavin here from Figment. We’d love to join the Vega community in all of the ways. We’re builders, staking service providers, and investors too.

Company: Figment (check us out!)

Figment is based out of Canada and has been operating staking infrastructure since 2018. Our founders have a combined 30+ years of successfully starting and scaling internet infrastructure companies. This deep background in infrastructure and security, combined with a passion for decentralized technologies, led to the launch Figment in 2018. Check out our ever-growing team here (and message me if you’re looking for work).


We’re running staking infra on 30+ mainnets for a wide variety of stakeholders, including institutional customers. We also run indexing services that bootstrap developer activity via DataHub, which for which we manage performant node infrastructure and build API services. We are particularly adept with Cosmos SDK based protocols, and we make tools like Hubble.

Security, Reliability, and Performance

Institutional clients depend on us to run secure, reliable, and performant operations. Please read this.


The best way to contact is us via


We have a history of trailblazing governance best practices and driving governance activity.

Fun fact! We coordinated the first major Cosmos Hub upgrade.

We track activity and are active governance participants across all of the protocols we support. We support protocol teams and foundations to develop policy and governance functionality prior to launch and post launch.

HMU if you have any questions!


Hi Gavin, humbled to have such a quality team in the community. Just had a look at your website, do you use such a broad range of cloud and hardware redundancies for each network you are securing?

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Hey Zack, great question!

In terms of staking, we try to have a diverse set of nodes. For Cosmos SDK networks like Vega, our standard is to have one validator with one provider and then a backup validator with another provider.

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Thanks Gavin, that’s super helpful. So no physical servers with these ones?
Btw I think Vega haven’t used the Cosmos SDK for their application layer. Just Tendermint consensus, with a bespoke (¿will check if they’ve used another framework) application layer.

Good to know, thanks! Looking forward to better understanding Vega’s architecture.

Figment typically uses bare metal servers in Canada in combination with multi-cloud sentries, but it depends on network architecture and the key management options for the protocol.

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