Ethereum + Vega =?

:heart_eyes: so many fun markets to be made…

Does this mean we could do secondary markets for NFTs within games? ie fortnite, wow etc…?


I know! I’m so excited. I can’t wait for someone to make a future on the betting turnout of a big sports game. Not the result of the game, but how people bet on it. There are so many things we can’t even imagine yet. That’s what is great about a protocol like Vega, it’s a tool for others to wield.


As long as there’s a good oracle/item standard (like ERC1155), then yes absolutely!


@caocao great question! The protocol is designed a portion of trading fees will support the running of the POS network. We are working out more detail and info to share on that soon and will make sure to ping you when we do!

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What’s your roadmap? When and how will you be open sourcing some of your code?

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The first thing that will be open sourced will be the Vega token. We’re wrapping up the audit right now and I expect that will be released sometime if February.

We’ve talked a lot about the hows and whens for open-sourcing the bridges, but nothing is set in stone yet. As stated above, I am pushing to have a 3rd party audit completed on any and all Solidity code before it goes out the door. I am loathe to think that I would have put something out there that is broken and someone else uses it and it causes them problems. I expect more clarity around this soon™.


Okay, I’m gonna call it.

I’m happy to field more questions as they come to people and as people get a chance to read this thread.

The future potential of Vega is limitless and I feel privileged to be along for the ride.

Thanks everyone for the questions!


Hi new here.

Two things.

  1. Where can i see anything showing a working testnet. dashboard or something.

  2. What exactly are you doing with a token. I know POS. but any actual information on the specific details and token structure. Be as specific as possible. thanks

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Hi @scottmatheina thanks for reaching out! We are excited to be launching the first version of our testnet on March 10th at DAS, London, after which we’ll be running community events (online and IRL) to share our progress and onboard people. If you’d like me to ensure you join the early access list please DM me your email address and I’ll be sure to add you and keep you in the loop!

Regarding the token, unfortunately I can’t be very specific at this point. The token has a fixed supply and will be used for staking and delegation to run the decentralised network, and for on-chain governance decisions (see the white paper for a discussion of these). Validator/delegator rewards will come from trading fees.

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can’t dm yet. message me and i’ll give you my email. thanks

i hope i am not too late for the party – is there a quick Vega 101 that i can listen/watch ?

Thanks for your interest, @pkr!

This podcast interview that @barney did with Quant Layer is a good overview.

And while it’s not audio or video, some of your questions might be answered in a previous AMA we did on the forum.