Dodgems incentives Reward!?

I have entered a limit order which was not executed, i get no 20 Vega’s while someone with Market order does. The execution is not on my end. So how fair is that? Can anyone help please. Thanks!!!

Hi there, unfortunately it sounds like your order was not eligible. The rules of the game were that to be eligible, you had to place at least one order that was matched (resulting in a trade). Therefore if your limit order was not executed, it didn’t count. You can see the rules here: Dodgems - Incentivised Trading Game

However, there will be plenty of other incentives to take part in, so please keep an eye out for them!

I like to buy VEGA. Where can i but it. it is not listed in excahnges…

Can somebody help me?


Hi there thank you for your interest in learning more about Vega, there’s a recent blog post which appears to match your request: