Do Blockchains Dream of Cryptographic Sheep

During SFBW we hosted our very first fishbowl :tropical_fish:to discuss the far reaching implications of the society we are working to build aka :point_down:

A future where bitcoin is the world’s reserve currency, where DeFi protocols have taken the place of banks and the power of old financial institutions is waning. People once again control their money and are free from government surveillance and intervention. Global commerce is cheap and instant, and inflationary monetary policy is a thing of the past…

For me, this really get to the crux of to what extent are we, as protocol designers, responsible for ensuring that we’re being ethically conscious. What sort of values need to be encoded into systems, how can we do this, and is it even possible? Having grand vision of decentralising forms of power and systems is all good and well but how can this be achieved in practical terms?