Hello Vega community member! :wave:

This is Bryan from DELIGHT LABS. Ready to launch Vega :rocket:


There are 5 people keeping looking to the blockchain scene, and they met in one mainnet development project.
After then, they became to DELIGHT LABS.

Our team is a group of 4 fast-learning developers & 1 keen designer from South Korea.
We’re running various mainnet project, and Tendermint-based project like Vega is our strong point.
All developers have an experience to develop a mainnet integrated with Cosmos SDK (Go) and Casperlabs VM (Rust).
Designer has many experiences to build various web product, including well-known companies around Manhattan.

We started our business from validator run, and it is developed to validator delegated operating service.


  • Terra
  • NuCypher
  • Casperlabs
  • Skale network
  • Oasis protocol
  • Ethereum
  • Medibloc
  • ORBS


All of validators say and really run geographically distributing, ready to fix in 24/7.
But as you know, we cannot avoid sporadic or frequent block miss if the project is Tendermint-based.

For us, we’ve developed & been operating our own slack monitoring bot.
It helps to monitor in real time, and fix it as fast as possible.
스크린샷 2021-08-11 오전 1.00.13

Please contact to

We’re love to join & discuss operations, reward system change, and so on, based on our well-learned validator expereinces.

Wish to be chosen sa a validator!