Cyberight profile

Hey all! 0xmiracle from Cyberight here. It is a excited to join Vega at this time and to be responsible for the safety of the network.

Company: Cyberight (check us out!)

Cyberight is a leading betting service provider and we manage over $1bn in betting assets. in 2018, we realized that POS could be the main consensus for the future of blockchain, so we formed a dedicated product, research, and technology team. in 2021, Cyberight has over 30 full time employees and we are from Silicon Valley, Singapore and Shanghai.

Cyberight Experience

We are currently running validation nodes on 10 decentralised networks and are involved in 20 projects in testing. We have over 3 years of experience running nodes on the Tendermint based PoS chain. We were one of the first COSMOS validation nodes. We used to be the 7th ranked COSMOS node in terms of pledged volume (changed brand name).
After that. We have joined more than 10 Tendermint based PoS chains. We have maintained >98.8% uptime on all networks where we have run nodes.

In targeting other large networks, such as Polkadot, we offer a number of pledge solutions, have some research in the area of non-cooperative gaming and are in the process of migrating our media system, which is a platform for delivering expertise to the general public so that we can better attract user commissions.

Cyberight Security Reliability Performance
We have machines deployed in 8 data centres across 3 continents and based on our investment background we are often able to build a staking system with multiple backup redundancies with competent investors.
We use tools such as Prometheus and Grafana to monitor this. and write multiple start-up scripts to keep the nodes running.

Cyberight Governance
We are passionate about project governance and providing multiple governance strategies for projects. We have helped polygon, Tezos and Flow to build governance-based markets in China.

We offer a one-to-one service to the whales and provide them with investment analysis and reports on POS projects


The best way to contact us is via