Create karak xp Points / USDT (Futures Market)

Karak is the universal restaking layer powered by the entire cryptoeconomy across every asset and every chain.
They recently announced $48M Series A at $1B+ to accelerate universal security for @Ethereum and beyond

Karak was built by crypto natives and a team with experience across Coinbase, Google, AWS, Microsoft, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, and raised $48M at $1B+

-{“market_proposal”: {
“market_name”: “Karak XP / USDT Futures”,
“market_type”: “Futures”,
“underlying_asset”: “Karak XP”,
“quote_asset”: “USDT”,
“contract_specs”: {
“contract_size”: 1,
“margin_currency”: “USDT”,
“leverage”: {
“min”: 1,
“max”: 50
“tick_size”: 0.01,
“expiry_date”: “2024-12-31”,
“settlement_type”: “Cash”,
“settlement_price_source”: “Average Karak XP spot price from major exchanges”,
“contract_unit”: “Karak XP”
“trading_rules”: {
“trading_hours”: “24/7”,
“minimum_order_size”: 1,
“maximum_order_size”: 10000,
“order_types”: [“Market”, “Limit”, “Stop-Loss”, “Take-Profit”],
“fees”: {
“maker_fee”: 0.001,
“taker_fee”: 0.002
“risk_management”: {
“initial_margin_requirement”: 0.1,
“maintenance_margin_requirement”: 0.05,
“auto_deleveraging”: true,
“liquidation_procedure”: {
“margin_call_threshold”: 0.075,
“liquidation_fee”: 0.005
“governance”: {
“regulatory_compliance”: “Compliant with international trading standards”,
“dispute_resolution”: “Arbitration through independent third party”,
“market_makers”: [“Company A”, “Company B”]
“data_privacy”: {
“data_collection”: “Minimal necessary for compliance and trading”,
“data_security”: “Encryption and regular audits”,
“user_rights”: “Right to access, correct, and delete personal data”

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