Console 0.22.2 released

We’ve just released Console version 0.22.2, which includes some major speed upgrades and some notifications.

Previous releases of the console had a tendency to slow down the longer it remained open. We tracked this down to the way we stored and a managed the large amount of data streaming in from the APIs, a lot of which was out of our hands with the GraphQL library we were using - Apollo version 2. Now that Apollo 3 is closer to releasing, Matt experimented with upgrading to Apollo 3, and the new cache controls give us much more flexibility to control data storage. It’s a great upgrade. Read more about it here:

Another thing we were keen to improve is the visibility of fills and order placement. The first version of this is in 0.22.2, but there’s more to come. Here’s a quick GIF of what you can expect:

Other fixes

  • It was formerly impossible to load Console in Firefox Private mode, due to the API we use to store your window layouts. This is now fixed - your layouts won’t be stored between sessions, but that’s an expected behaviour in Private mode, right?
  • We fixed inconsistent uses of the words ‘Layout’ and ‘Workspace’. It’s all ‘Workspaces’ now.
  • Console appeared to let you trade with a tainted keypair. It didn’t work, but this wasn’t well represented in the UI. It’s now fixed.

This is awesome!

I like to keep Console open most of the time and the slowdowns were a real pain, plus I love the notifications, trading feels much slicker now :rocket: