Connect Vega To Microsoft Excel Or Google Sheets [Available]

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Please see Github issue or Gitcoin bounty page for full details, including how to apply to participate :heart:

Vega is a proof of stake blockchain for creating and trading derivatives. It provides infrastructure for decentralised markets that settle in assets held on Ethereum, and in future also Bitcoin and other major collateral blockchains. Vega facilitates high speed, permissionless derivatives markets.

The Vega public testnet showcases our technology and we are looking for passionate and talented members of the community to help us build out the vision by working with us to shape the end product.


Inspired by projects like “Cryptosheets” and the team’s general love for all things spreadsheet, the task for this bounty is to connect the Vega Testnet API data to Google sheets or Microsoft Excel and provide a set of useful operations e.g. trades for public key, list of markets, etc.

Please refer to Vega Console for an existing GUI that presents Vega API data.

Acceptance criteria

  • Choose either Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel as the spreadsheet client to work with.
  • Connect to Vega’s APIs (REST, gRPC or GraphQL) from the spreadsheet client in order to load and display Testnet data in the spreadsheet. Note: It is recommended to make the node to connect to customisable (there are several geo-located API nodes).
  • Whether the code is scripted, embedded or added as a plugin can be decided by you.
  • Here is a list of potential views/operations* to include:
    • List markets and market data
    • List governance proposals and voting data
    • Party (for a public key) data, including orders, positions and trades
    • Last n trades and last n orders on a market
    • Vega network statistics
    • Advanced: Log in to wallet and place an order on a market
    • Advanced: Candle data / charts
    • Advanced: Liquidity provision (LP) data
      * for each of these it’d be fun to give guidance on how to obtain the data - chat with us on Discord, Forums, Github or Email and to be rewarded with a bounty significant functionality, as agreed acceptable by the Vega team must be implemented. This is a fun task to tackle! :slight_smile:
  • Code should be open sourced under the MIT license.

Familiarity with Vega

We’re an exciting blockchain project with a recently launched public testnet, we’re adding new features all the time therefore we’d love anyone interested in completing our bounties to get to know our platform first. We feel it is very important for you test out the platform, check out our documentation and understand the way the protocol works to complete our bounties to a high standard. We’re friendly, open and helpful, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

How to apply and progress


How to Submit

Publish your submission into a public Github repo with clear and informative README describing how to use it. The submission should include an example spreadsheet - working against the Vega Testnet.

Bounty reward

For this bounty, we will provide a bounty reward of up to 701 DAI, by working on the bounty you understand and accept that this is the reward total. Finally, please check with us to ensure the solution is acceptable.

Resources for Developers

Questions & Reviews

You can reach out to us for any queries on our Discord Chat or post your questions in our Community Forums

We’re a friendly team and are very keen to help where possible.

Keep Calm and Buidl On!