☎ Community Call #7 02/03 [Past]

Hi all, Vega Community Call #7 will be taking place on Mar 2nd 2021, 4pm UTC/GMT.

This is a monthly Community Update where you’ll be able to learn about where Vega is at with upcoming releases and, if you’re lucky, experience a deep dive into some of the features that make Vega special :wink:

As usual, we’ll be open to Q&A so that you can put questions to the Vega team :relaxed:

We’re liking the engagement and format that Twitch provides and thus that is where we’ll be hosting going forward!:hushed:

Joining Details → Calendar Invite, Twitch Link

Meeting Agenda:

This month, resident Vega Researcher and front-running expert, Klaus Kursawe, will be leading a session on staking on the Vega Network!

Post Event:
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