☎️ Community Call #6 [Past]

Hey all, we’ll be hosting Community Call #6 - our first this year - on Feb 2nd 2021, 4pm GMT.

Attend to learn about where we’re at with our upcoming release and to put questions to the Vega team.

This one will be interesting as we’ll be hosting on Twitch😯

Joining Details → Calendar Invite, Twitch Link

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Deep-dive from Barney on Liquidity Mining in the upcoming ‘Flamenco Tavern’ Public Testnet release.
  2. Q&A on Barney’s presentation.
  3. Edd on the implementation of Pegged Orders within testnet.

Watch the entire update recording on The Vega Twitch Channel!


Thank you @Daigan for this suggestion – look forward to call and details on how to join.

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Thanks @pkr, you’ll be able to join with the link edited in above :smiley: