☎ Community Call #5 [Past]

Hey all, we will be hosting Community Call #5 via Zoom on Tuesday 8th December, 4pm GMT.

To register please sign up here: Calendar Invite


  1. Welcome from Christina
  2. Development Update from Barney
  3. Public Testnet Update from Ed
  4. Community Update from Christina

Meeting Recording

Meeting Minutes in the reply below:


Meeting Minutes:


  • Live answers a Discord question from Cryptitious on transaction types and possibility of gas fees w.r.t. spam prevention
  • -> Will try and answer more Discord questions in future Community Calls.


  • Explains which of the above is viewable/testable in testnet.
  • -> He notes TX’s will be rejected if user has 0 collateral.


  • Dr Klaus presenting on Wendy - our anti-front-running widget - tomorrow.
  • -> Free and hosted by Dystopia Labs -> Ticket LINK
  • Once we open source the Vega wallet repo, it’ll be posted on all of our Community Channels.
  • Weekly session on Vega Testnet Jam, Thurs 6pm.
  • -> Last week we successfully launched a community market.

Tamlyn on a new Community Initiative

  • Have been discussing how to use Vega to create markets that offset network native type-risks.
  • -> Ideas to launch an experimental Market Creation Club.
  • Sign up link to apply and join will be shared by Christina in next Community Call.
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