☎ Community Call #4 [Past]


Edd - Release update

  • Features coming are liquidity protocol and pegged orders.
  • Console: added a rough version of depositing test assets (Ropsten)
  • Video tutorial here

Barney - Roadmap update

  • : opening up and easier to get onboard.
  • we’re open sourcing the wallet service so you can control your own keys and assets.
  • Opening up docs and ability to contribute.

Tamlyn -

  • This release showcases a the decentralised trade lifecycle
  • We had our first community created permissionless market last week
  • Network will be reset every two weeks
  • Markets are all cash settled deliverable futures
  • All margins and settlements use Ropsten assets
  • Note - upcoming bounties!


- Signup to Vega Testnet Jam