Commodum DAO profile

About Us
A community-based organisation with expertise in Tech, Finance, Data and Marketing with a strong focus on derivatives. Practical experience in Ethereum development and mining, complemented with research paper on cross-border payments using blockchain.

We have experience in developing and maintaining high availability systems, many of them are health systems with four 9s requirements to ensure critical systems are available at all times with high performance. Our approach is to establish a scalable design upfront to ensure we can grow as the requirements grow by scaling up and out as needed.

We have been following Vega Protocol and are very excited to support its future going live and beyond. The combination of expertise in the team means we are able to add value going forward beyond just being a validator - we believe we can enrich the Vega eco-system and increase adoption.


Smaller-scale PoS experience running mixnodes on the Nym testnet and secure nodes on Horizen.


With nearly 30 years of experience in enterprise security, we know how to set up and protect critical systems with the necessary monitoring in place - you need to know when things are going wrong, quickly. In addition:

  • Sensitive keys will be stored on hardware devices
  • Generation of keys will be done in a secure environment
  • We will make use of shared master keys removing single points of failure
  • Backups for recovery
  • User accounts protected using MFA and or Ybico


We will be using cloud tech, in fact, we are pioneers in Azure before it was called Azure (Red Dog). Using Azure, we will be implementing high availability using availability zones


As above, we will be using cloud and the budget will be as much as needed. Depending on the validator software, we may implement either AKS or AppServices with AutoScaling. If not, we may implement HA VMs as a last resort if the validator software canโ€™t run in any other way

Azure also has a commitment to renewable energy and our aim is to ensure use of technology that has a clear commitment to the environment.


We understand the need to have a clear responsive communications strategy - our brand value as Trust is based on us providing first class customer service and transparency. We will make use of email, Telegram, Discord, Vega Community and Twitter ( to communicate with all our stakeholders.


Our interest in the Vega protocol is beyond just being a validator, we want to do everything to ensure it succeeds. With more than a decade of finance experience with a focus on derivatives, we have good knowledge and experience to understand the important building blocks for further development of the Vega eco-system and ultimately the true potential of Vega.

We have been following Vega from very early on and understand its mission, and we intend to be involved fully in the Governance process. Part of our involvement will be to ensure the long term success of the project is prioritised over short term validator gains (as seen in Ethereum moving to ETH2 and resistance on the way).

The composition of our team, who are all Vega investors, has a clear alignment around the interest and long term success of the Vega project rather than being a multi-chain validator outfit. The diverse nature of our team is also geared towards providing a balanced governance approach factoring in technical, data and finance aspects.