Bridge to another chain/network

I have a suggestion. I participate in the Supra Affiliates program. And I want to bring your projects together.

Vega has a plan to develop a bridge.

Mainnet roadmap · GitHub

And supra has a solution:
Tap into oracles, dVRFs, and bridges — all in one system
IntraLayer is a powerful framework that brings our solutions together - oracles, and dVRFs, and a native cross-chain bridge. Each of these delivers remarkable performance, better security, and lower costs. But what makes IntraLayer really work is the vertical integration between them. Because they share the same decentralized security network, we’re able to push even better speed and performance at lower costs. And since it’s on the same platform, it’s easier for development.

### How the hub-and-spoke model works
Supra’s hub acts as a nexus, enabling your smart contracts to access any connected blockchain or spoke. For example, if you integrate your Ethereum dApp’s smart contract with IntraLayer — you’ll be able to connect with smart contracts across Aptos, Avalanche, Arbitrum, or any other chain within the framework. And that’s all through a single integration.

info: IntraLayer Product - Supra

If you decide to participate in the program, please use my link: